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After being on 2 flomax pills daily for over a year, i was still up 3x in the night.

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Me i m 65 i was taking flomaxtra for a benign enlarged prostate they worked well enabling a better flow rate i stopped taking them for a short period whilst i undertook various tests after which the consultant advised i start taking it again but my gp advised me the type i was taking had changed to flomaxtra xl 400 mg however they did not give me the same relief he then prescribed alfuzosin 10mg but having read many reviews i have refrained from taking them or any other medication however things have deteriorated like poor flow resulting in taking up to 4 minutes to urinate, frequent visits to the toilet getting out of bed two to three times a night.

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quickly tamsulosin brand flomax tamsulosin in us has an onset of action between 1 and 5 days.

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